The Millionaire Clown

The rules for making it in business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

In just 15 years, James Sinclair built his from self employed children's entertainer, to an entertainments empire with annual turnover exceeding £10million and employing over 400 staff.

In his first book, The Millionaire Clown, James shares how he did it, and how you could too.

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Book Overview

James' First Book. The Millionaire Clown. Published in 2015.

Lots of books on the subject of 'how to get rich' have been written by people who have never run a successful business of their own. Their advice is based entirely on theory; normally the musings and hunches of someone who fancies themselves as a bit of an entrepreneur, following the successful sale of their Nan's M&S wardrobe on Gumtree.

This book is not based on theory. It's based on James Sinclair's own experience growing the Partyman Group from ZERO to £10million and employing over 400 staff.

James' business journey started straight out of school at age 15 when he became 'Jimbo the Partyman', a children's entertainer who quickly became recognised for putting on the most extravagant shows around.

As word spread and demand surged, James recognised his business would need to change, and founded what is now the Partyman Group, a group of companies including a chain of day nurseries, soft play centers, theme parks and splash parks.

In 'The Millionaire Clown' James shares the key steps he took that resulted in his success and how, if you follow his advice, you could achieve the same results.

Tony Willis - MD at Be Aware Take Care

“The Only Business Book You Need”

“Absolutely fantastic book, packed full of theory-based advice and expertise that you can implement into your business immediately.

James' take on business is a truly refreshing one, and the insights into his entrepreneurial journey shared in this book gave me a lot to reflect on in my own business.

Whatever you do, buy this book!”

What's Inside?

The Kid Who Liked to Show Off

Chapter One

I didn't like my childhood, not one bit. I was a spotty, gangly kid and so thing I could fall down a drain...

Entrepreneur in Short Trousers

Chapter Two

I was 15 when I got the work bug. I start with a paper round - in fact I had FOUR paper rounds...

Building a Grown Up Business

Chapter Three

By the time I was 19 I had saved enough from entertaining to buy a house in Brentwood, Essex...

Know Who You Are and Where You're Going

Chapter Four

Your actions, your energy, your productivity, your enthusiasm are what it's all about...

Write Down Your Goals

Chapter Five

You need to know exactly how you are going to achieve your vision - but first you need to know what your vision is...

OST - Objective, Strategy And Tactics

Chapter Six

Goal setting is a little difficult to roll out to your business, because to me, goals should be personal attributes...

People - Finding, Keeping and Developing Them

Chapter Seven

Without a team that's effective, happy and fully signed up to your rules, your mission and your objectives, you are limited...

Thing Big, Act Small

Chapter Eight

The title of this chapter needs explaining. It's a strange piece of advice, but one that will ground you...

Learn How to Raise Finance

Chapter Nine

In 2010/11 I was seeking finance to move our business forward and build a nursery in our Basildon branch...

Understanding Marketing, and Why it Matters

Chapter Ten

In my opinion, if you are not a marketeer or have a good understanding of the necessities of marketing, you will never...

Become a Brand to Create Trust

Chapter Eleven

It doesn't matter how small or big you are - a by-product of your marketing, and indeed your business objective...

How Multiple Revenue Streams Make Your Business Stronger

Chapter Twelve

Multiple revenue streams, or multiple streams of income, are just fancy ways of saying that you don't rely...

Why Residual Income is the Fandabbydozy of Business Goals

Chapter Thirteen

This is the most importance piece of advice I can give you a buiness person, bar none...

Learn Basic Accounting and Cashflow

Chapter Fourteen

Don't do your own accounts - it's time consuming and boring - BUT you don have to be able to understand them...

If You're the Smartest Person in the Room, You're in the Wrong Room

Chapter Fifteen

Getting the right mindet for super-success is a priceless asset. The more you learn, the more you earn...

Consistency, Consistency and More Consistency

Chapter Sixteen

It's what McDonalds pioneered before anyone else - the idea you can be in Hong Kong, London or New York and walk...

Build a Network, and Keep Networking

Chapter Seventeen

Overlook this one and you're missing out on success big time, because as they say - "it's not what you know...

Buy a Failing Business and Make it Great

Chapter Eighteen

I have to say many people have labelled me as a bit of a business turnaround king - thanks, very nice of you...

Compete on Experience, Not Price

Chapter Nineteen

A lot of business people fret about price. Is my service/product too cheap? Is it too expensive?...

Seize Opportunities

Chapter Twenty

Let's start this last chapter with the subject of opportunity. It comes knocking on all our doors in life...

About the author

James Sinclair is the CEO of the Partyman Group and the Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Network, a business education and coaching organisation.

Having started his business straight out of school at age 15, James Sinclair has gone on to build a business empire spanning industries including entertainment, leisure and business training.

In 2015 he met Mark Creaser and Co-Founded the Entrepreneurs Network, a business education and coaching organisation set up to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenging terrain of business ownership.

James' charity, Partyman's Magic Makers, aims to create laughter, smiles and magical memories for the UK’s most deserving children and their families, by providing magical experiences to those children and families facing difficult situations through illness, hardship or trauma.

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All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Partyman's Magic Makers